Concerns and FAQs artists have about Playlist Boost


1 - What is Playlist Boost and how does it work?

Get to know us and how we can impact your music career!
Who are we?

Playlist Boost is a music promotion company that connects artists with independent Spotify playlist curators and Tik Tok influencers around the world.
Playlist Boost is part of the Gaia Voices Records label which also owns Luxury Shop and Rock's Night Club "The Real Dance Club".

We do this through promotional campaigns that last for 30 days. Playlist Boost has created its own series of Spotify playlists, which gives you access to a perfect promotion tool. We do not sell spots in our playlist, but we do use Playlists to advertise your music. We curate them 100% to our taste.

During your 30-day campaign, we send your music to playlist curators as well as Tik Tok Influencers. They will give you an honest and professional opinion about your music. Likewise, curators will do what we call "playlist consideration", which means they will decide whether or not to add your music to their playlists. If they do, it could have an impact on their streams and followers, boosting their career.

Note: You should note that we do not guarantee that your music will actually be added to playlists, nor do we guarantee or sell streams, saves or followers. This is illegal. In short, we do not guarantee specific results as the process is completely natural and organic. However, under our Artist Protection Program, we refund our clients whenever curators do not listen/review their music.

While your campaign is running, you will know the partial results of it through notifications that we will send to your email. However, remember that only until the end will you be able to see the official results. You can also promote your music again after the campaign ends; with a different group of curators and it will be a completely new experience for you.

How it works?

The way it all works is very simple:

1) You go to https://playlistboost.com

2) You click on "Artists" and then choose the available campaigns.

3) You add your track and continue filling in the required information.

4) You can choose to add you track also to one playlist or more; purchase and submit the campaign to our A&R team and wait for them to contact you.

5) You receive an email whenever your song is reviewed and has been placed on the curator's playlist. In the case of a Tik Tok campaign, you receive an email with the link to the videos.


2 - Is Playlist Boost legit?
Playlist Boost is completely legit and safe. Learn how we make it happen.

Is it legit and safe?
Yes, Playlist Boost is legit and safe.

We work under Spotify's Terms and Conditions to protect the integrity of our artists, curators an influencers. We make sure to promote a safe community.

You can build your career as a musician or curator with the assurance that you won't be banned or blocked from Spotify because everything is being done right.

Other companies cannot guarantee this.

How can I be sure of this?
It is very easy to recognize when a music promotion company is legitimate or not.

There are some behaviors that are a red flag. 

As you may already know, in Playlist Boost things are totally different.

Artists cannot have prior contact with our curators or even know who they are unless their music is reviewed and/or added to a playlist.

Also, curators have the last word when it comes to adding a song to their playlists.

If they like your music, they'll add it. It's so simple. We respect your criteria and we cannot and do not want to control your decisions.

It's safe to say that our platform is 100% organic, legitimate and transparent.

Real interactions, real listeners, a solid legal framework and zero tolerance for cheaters.

Regarding Tik Tok campaigns, there's no mistaking it, the videos are made by real people with real followers.

That's how we do it. That's the Playlist Boost way.


3 - Why use Playlist Boost?

There are many things that make us stand out among our competitors. Meet some of them!

1) Our numbers and performance
During this time we've been on the road, we've achieved incredible results for ourselves and our artists.

We built a platform with 10k+ playlists, 1000+ different music genres and 1000+ curators.

In addition, we allowed our artists to reach over 100 million streams.

All of this shows not only our commitment, but our huge impact on promoting artists' music.

Want to be part of our juicy statistics?

2) The only company that reimburses you
With us, you are safe and secure as a customer under our exclusive Artist Protection Program, which allows you to be automatically refunded if any of the curators who received your music do not provide at least one review about it.

3) Security environment
Unlike most sites out there, we work by Spotify's rules.

This is one of the things that makes us stand out among our competitors as we guarantee your campaign and you are in a safe situation. Payola, like any other fraudulent activity, is not acceptable on our platform.

Also, to make your experience even safer, we do constant checking processes to verify that all followers of our playlist curators are real and not bots.

We protect you from anything that could be a potential risk to you.

4) Personalized assistance
Something our artists and curators value highly is our personalized support.

With us, you don't have to wait more than a few minutes to be served by one of our specialists.

We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to solve your doubts, concerns and help you when setting up your campaign.

How much does the music submission cost? 

Prices vary according to MUSICAL GENRES QUOTE.

How are songs added to playlists?

Songs are manually added by the curators.

4 - Can I be a curator and an artist at the same time?

You are welcome both as an artist and curator on our platform. Even though, you will have to take this information into account.

Yes, definitely you can be a curator and an artist at the same time.

What are the requirements for my playlist to be added?

Your playlists need a minimum of 1000 followers.

How do I remove a playlist from Playlist Boost?

Contact customer support.


How much can I earn as a curator on PlaylistBoost?

The minimum you earn per song is €1 and the maximum €100 per song


How can I professionalize myself as a Spotify playlist curator?

It all starts with a selection of songs for example for a private party, to listen to at work, at home, training, studying or cooking. But we know that everyone's taste is different. Not everyone sings the same songs in the shower, do they? You made the playlist based on your music taste, but however there are more people who share your music taste and started following your playlist, so your playlist became attractive to artists of the genre who would like to see their music added to the playlist. And at this point you have reached a dilemma. If I start adding songs to my playlist, what happens to my favorite songs, because a playlist with more than 100 songs totals 8 hours of music and thus it becomes impossible to listen to all my favorite songs, although I also enjoy discovering new songs?
This is where your professionalization begins. The solution is to create a new playlist within the same niche with or without the variance of another musical genre, then transfer half of your favorite songs to this playlist you just created. This way you can discover new songs for the playlist you want to monetize. Repeat this procedure for all playlists. We recommend that playlists have between 50 to 60 songs and once you reach this limit you start transferring the last song that reached the last place to a new playlist. This process leads to the curator's specialization within a musical niche that can be very beneficial for both the curator and the artist in that niche, who have access to campaigns with various playlists of the musical genre they belong to. This is one of the most popular formats, as you want to ensure that your playlists reach the maximum number of listeners. You can believe that yours and our customers, that is, the artists, were also very pleased with it.

Why do artists pay to enter?

A testimony:

Getting on a big Playlist is a way to gain real listeners - that's why musicians seek them out. It's different from cheating a clip's view count with the use of “robots” and automated access says Thiago. Antony does not deny it: “We were totally unknown, we only had a regional presence and from the playlist it started to become known.” “They still didn't know the power they had in their hands. They didn't even have a budget. I put in about six, two or three and they didn't even charge. "Today it's much more expensive. It's only worth it if you have good music at hand. There are a lot of artists investing. But a lot of people really. Everyone in the segment knows the power of the playlist and is investing", says Antony. He says he no longer deals directly with the playlist owners, but has passed the service on to his marketing team. Antony claims he has "taken his foot off" from payments to playlists in recent months. “Today it's at most $3,000 a month. But it's worth it,” he says.

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