Tamyris Moiane & Nice Life - Novinha

The rhythm of the Clave Beat in a slow cadence with the adventurous mix of elements from all musical genres from Soul, R&B, Edm, Funk, Kuduro, Angolan Pop, Mozambican Pop, Portuguese Pop, Semba, Reggae to Jazz, gave rise to a new musical style and urban dance: Kizomba. This genre is easily confused with other similar genres such as Kompa or even Cola Zouk from Cape Verde, which are genres where the sound design is less expressed and is based on elements such as the guitar and other traditional instruments.
The partnership of Dj Nice Life and Tamyris Moiane originated the theme "Novinha" with direct entry in 3 Spotify Editorial Playlists (Equal, New Music Friday, Dancing Kizomba). The song has all the characteristics that a Kizomba song should have. Romantic and sensual lyrics, the rhythm that rocks you to dance, the intimate sweetness of the voices resonates for two people to complete each other in a dance. The song "Novinha" seems to have a spiritual mission and a guaranteed place on the dance floor as it places the listener in an undulating and sensual symphony.

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