T-James - Problem

When listening to the theme "Problem" by T-James we feel the various influences that T-James put on the music. In this particular song the most predominant combination is the Latin flavor of Salsa blending perfectly with Hip Hop. The song is very well produced and mixed. We feel this quality when we listen to the 808 fitting perfectly with the Kick and yet, the low frequencies are very pleasant to hear, as they are clean of that unpleasant distortion that we hear in certain Hip Hop themes. The song's lyrics fit perfectly with Urban's instrumentals. T-James' rap is phonetically perfect. Lyrics and rhymes are well placed even when we find different endings. I recommend all Hip Hop fans pay attention to T-James, as he masterfully combines musical genres such as Blues, R&B and other genres with Rap, in the remaining songs on the Album: "Working on a come up". These are songs that deserve to be played on the radio.

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