Spotify Royalty Model Will Change In 2024

Spotify 2024: New Royalties Rules threaten indie artists!

🎙️ Introduction of a threshold for royalties: the threshold the artist has to reach is 1000 plays. What this means? Many artists think that throughout the year they will reach 1000 plays and as soon as they reach these plays will receive the 5 dollars in royalties! But they are mistaken! This only happens if in the range of one month the track reaches 1000 plays, if for example the track in the first month reaches 999 plays and in the second month reaching 500 plays, the artist will only receive the 500 plays royalties in the second month and if In the third month the artist makes 10 plays of this track the artist will only receive the 10 plays of the third month as he exceeded the 1000 plays in the second month, however lost the royalties of the 999 plays of the first month the song was released. The platform also explains that it won’t take the revenue from these tracks for itself. Instead, Spotify will distribute this money among eligible artists, increasing the amount they’re paid per stream. 

You can say: it's easy to exceed 1000 threshold plays for my music to be monetized, I just need to listen to my music 1000 times and I have access to my royalties.
You're wrong again! Spotify considers this an attitude of artificial plays, even though a person actively listens to music. Spotify did not inform the limit to be reached so it could consider this against the rules. 

All of these actions affect independent artists potentially leading to a non -monetization of these tracks.

🎙️ Measures against streaming fraud: Spotify plans to implement anti-fraud technology to detect and penalize fake or artificial plays, such as artificially increasing plays. 

🎙️ Impact on independent artists and musical diversity: this model raises concerns for independent artists. This change can exacerbate income disparities in the music industry and affect musical diversity, as it can result in a system that favors already popular tracks and artists.

🎙️ Restrictions on “Noise” Tracks: The platform is tightening its criteria for short noise tracks, like white noise and nature sounds, to qualify for royalties. This is in response to tracks just over 30 seconds long, which are repetitively played, aiming to address and curtail this practice. Once again we feel the lobby of the big publishers here.
Because these white and pink noise songs, the songs of winds and waves that are included in Spotify's official playlists, were made by Spotify itself to guarantee Royalties for themselves from these songs and remove a percentage of payments to be distributed to the big publishers through their songs.

Spotify Royalty Model Will Change In 2024

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