SPIKY X Honorebel - AssMazing

Spiky is known in the music world for supporting artist management services for third parties. Spiky ventures into this new stage in the music world, and it all started by writing a song to market a new clothing line.
Together with Grammy-winning producer "JonFX" and Platinum-winning songwriter "Azriel Reckley," they've created hits that hit the dance floor.
"AssMazing" is a very sensual song; the beat calls for it, with wonderful instrumentals, making it ideal for urban radio. The saxophone goes very well with the vocals. The lyrics of the song are charming from beginning to end, and the chorus is super catchy. The music has Latin rhythmic influences. The mixing and mastering are excellent, and the music is very well produced, contagious, and very danceable. I strongly invite you to listen and watch the excellent video clip.


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  • Cool song. In other words: Assmazing 😍😎


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