Playlist Boost presents: StaJe - Daddy

StaJe, is an Alt Pop artist who mixes R&B/Hip-Hop and dance music. StaJe's music showcases her authenticity and versatility as an artist. StaJe is an exciting artist with a natural talent and is comfortable performing in a variety of genres. Born in Columbia, South Carolina, StaJe now resides in Los Angeles. Music was always present in his house; StaJe's mother was also a talented singer and has been an inspiration to Staje ever since. With a dual talent for music and athletics, StaJe had an important decision to make... he chose music. StaJe concluded that to pursue his dreams he needed to go to Los Angeles. After arriving in the city of dreams, StaJe had the misfortune to end up on the Skid-Row, living day to day, hand to mouth. Life was tough, but StaJe never lost hope or her musical aspirations. Blessings were on his side when a friend from his college days moved into town. Explaining his situation, his kind-hearted friend offered him his couch, so life began to improve, with security in place and a decent job, he was able to pursue his ambition. Fast forward to today, his debut track “UP” peaked at number 97 on the top 200 iTunes Global Charts and number 19 on the top 200 Pop Charts. StaJe's journey is impressively inspiring.

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