Playlist Boost presents: Gabriel - Energy Masters ( Full Album )

Gabriel has been in the studio with many artists and helped improve their music and to be honest, his music will always take you on a spiritual journey every time you listen to it. And it will always be a different feeling. It is astral travel and the listener can experience profound healing.

Gabriel is an experienced healer and uses his music and wisdom he has gained over time to heal. He is meticulous with his mixes to get the most healing effects in his music. Gabriel infuses each song with an infusion of healing energy. Musically, he produces all of his music and also produces for other artists with his own label: "Muse Music LLC". Gabriel plays several instruments and collaborates with other artists and healers to bring together sounds from the most familiar to the rarest sounds. Gabriel's music can be used to heal, whether walking around or in a sound healing session. Elements of jazz, blues, psychedelic rock, hip hop and r&b are used to create a new kind of sound that raises the vibration of the universe with every play.
I strongly advise you to listen to Gabriel's music.

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