Playlist Boost presents: Fade Dresto

Fade Dresto is an artist from El Paso, Texas. Coming from a past full of misfortunes and afflictions, the path to his goals seemed impossible. On his journey to combat the myriad of obstacles in his way, Fade fell into even greater trouble when he became homeless. Although the path ahead seemed dark, Fade kept remembering the light at the end of the tunnel. His unparalleled devotion to music rescued him from the trap he was struggling with. His music mixes Hip-Hop, Pop and RnB, Fade Dresto exudes originality, wanting to shed light and positivity to his listeners. Being able to motivate others and be an inspiration is key to him. Some of his influences are, UGK, Lil Wayne and a classic favorite of James Brown. Fade also attended Full Sail University and graduated in audio production in 2021. Having been mentored by Grammy-winning legends like Clinton Sparks and vocal coached by Conrad Robinson, Fade began playing small gigs that would take him one step closer to his dream. Some notable accomplishments in his career include performing at NAAM festivals and the B Reals Grand Opening of High Hopes Festival. Fade is definitely an artist to watch.

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