Playlist Boost presents: Chellcy Reitsma - Happy New Year

Chellcy Reitsma is new on the music scene, but not on stage. Chellcy Reitsma started her musical journey in 2015, after many dance injuries ... Since her first release in 2016, she is now a singer and songwriter, visual artist and full - time poet. Chellcy developed her own unique musical style, a retro scene that mixes a multitude of genres. "Happy New Year" is a strong and emotional song that represents a specific love for someone with a message of hope. The music has the proper progress and rhythm for a romantic song and is very well accompanied by guitars and acoustic violins. I can imagine this song being sung in wedding ceremonies alongside songs like "All of Me" by Jonh Legend. Chellcy's vocals reflect her unique style and are well framed with the intrumental in a very intimate tone. Production, mixture and mastering are impeccable. Chellcy Reitsma will collect many fruits of this song, making correct and strong bets. This is undeniable.

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