Playlist Boost presents: Sirr Jones - On the Go feat Sammy Isaac & Shorty T.

With over 1 million views on YouTube, the music video for "On the Go" was placed among the top 10 most viewed videos on the platform in its first week of release, shortly after also the song reach the top 10 of the British Rap Charts. Solo or accompanied with other artists from the Hip Hop music scene and beyond, Sirr Jones does not rush his musical projects. Every song he releases is the result of dedication and hard work. For Sirr Jones it's all about keeping a vibe with his fans. Sirr Jones does not intend to imitate anyone. Life, all his experiences and everyday situations inspire him to create his musical compositions in any genre, from Country Rap, Hip Hop and classic Boom Bap, to the use of Clave beat, used by Kendrick Lamar on "Alright" although I believe in my personal opinion that this song was not conceived with this latino rhythm in mind. 

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