Playlist Boost presents: Nice Life & Sheny - Mexican Girl

Nice Life invites you to watch the movie "Friendzone" on Netflix and listen to its own song "Tomala um Cocktail", featured in the Netflix movie. The story tells and follows a romantic and hopeful character Thibault, who believes that his luck can change when he feels a certain kind of chemistry between him and his "friend" Rose. But will she understand his intentions, to the point of wanting to be his girlfriend? Mexican girl, the latest single released by Nice Life and Sheny, is inspired by this film.
But then what is the friendzone?
This name is given when a person has a relationship with another and wants to have something romantic with them, but the "other" just prefers to keep things as friendship. Basically we can associate it with the lack of "platonic love", that is, when someone has feelings for another person, but ends up not being reciprocated.


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