Playlist Boost presents: Edgy L - Desire

Edgy L is a Latvian producer, songwriter and DJ currently living in Aberdeen, UK. Edgy L has always been drawn to music, but discovered his own talents as a teenager, while learning guitar and piano. As he began to hone his skills, he was introduced to electronic sounds and the club/rave culture that inspired him to start creating his own music inspired by a variety of genres, Edgy L seeks to create new and innovative musical contexts. While still in Riga (Latvia), Edgy L performed at festivals, on television and worked in the studio with dance music producers at the top of their game, as well as releasing several singles. After moving to Scotland, UK, Edgy L continued his music career, with his track 'Gone Away' released in August 2021 via Sub Max Records. He also signed a two-single deal with Brazilian label G-Mafia Records, as well as a collaboration with Dutch singer Ansaly and an official remix for Greek artist Sarantis' track 'I Don't Care'.
Edgy L certainly has a fruitful career ahead of him with the support of big names in the industry and the talent to back it up.

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