Playlist Boost presents: Djelissa Feat Melodeek - Mwen Envi

The beautiful Singer Djelissa feats Melodeek on the theme "Mwen Envi". The music is sensual, intimate but also very danceable and has the collaboration of "Maylodisc Production".
The song was released on January 1, 2019, but in 2022 it has reached the highest peaks in popularity. The song has a refreshing sound and can be heard for decades by lovers of Kompa, Kizomba, Tuga, Reggaeton, Semba, Angola pop, Coupe Decale and other musical styles that use the Clave beat. Many studies confirm that the best phase of a song comes when it reaches the age of 18 months. In fact songs like Mwen Envi come to prove the studies done are true. Don't forget to watch the video. For Bookings and other promotional information about the Artist contact: : B-Low +33678366944

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