Idahams - Truth, Love & Confessions ( Album )

Idahams's real name is Hart Ishmael. He is from Nigeria. Idahams has already produced and wrote to Duncan Mighty, Mr. 2Kay and a series of other singers and producers. The last album: Truth, Love & Confessions is an album that has been well thought out and has no music that is unnecessary. The album is a very pleasant mix of rhythms of traditional African music with pop and R&B elements. In this intersection with Western music we found the new modern production and mixing techniques but also music where the theme is praise, romance, worship and where sensual lyrics are not lacking either. The Clave rhythm is a constant from beginning to end and combines very well with the other influences we find such as blues, jazz and hiphop. The album has appearances from other singers such as: Ajebo Hustlers, Xenia Manasseh, Zach Zoya, Mutaka, Metha4our and Tugga Skii. Production is impeccable and soil division is well done. Any album song is a possible single with video clip.

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