Embers Rise - Dreams

Hailing from Northern Illinois, Embers Rise is a modern rock/metal band that combines the powerful songwriting and lyrics of modern rock with the powerful and heavy riffs found in modern metal, as well as a little blast from the past. Embers Rise consists of Ethan Barkman (vocals/guitar), Harrison Hoffman (lead guitar) and Cory Nicolin (drums). The band is currently writing and planning to release songs throughout 2023. The song "dreams" is a real sonic attack, with the drummer creating a high and steady beat for the rest of the band. The guitars together with the bass guitar create a massive and emphatic sound. The vocalist enriches the instruments with well-sung lyrics, both phonetically and metrically, and instead of a raw voice, we hear a melodic voice that spans octaves, as a sign of authenticity and thus gives importance and emphasizes the lyrics of the song, where sometimes we also hear the characteristic guttural roar of the musical genre. The sum of these exchanges with the bass, gives the band the necessary bass sound to make the song "heavy".


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