Duncan Daniels - S.O.L.O. ( Full Album ).

Duncan Daniels' recent album is a sound refreshment for the Afro-rooted musical genre.  Duncan Daniels' gentle voice seems to embrace the atmosphere created by each song and floats effortlessly along with the drum, guitar, bass and keyboard tracks.
The 10 songs that make up S.O.L.O have that characteristic that is capable of taking any spark in a fire, as they are themes full of sensuality, romantic lyrics and dancing rhythms. The album goes from sweetness to melancholy and mixes R&B and certain Jazz elements with the Clave Beat with brilliance. The result of these crossovers is something that doesn't just fit in ambient music, world music, lounge or electronic music and that also escapes the obscurity of experimental music, but something truly adventurous and genuine that gives the album its sound richness.

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